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OMR, born in 1962, is specialized in hot forging steel production and led by the same family, now at its third generation. Our facility operates with Italian and international prestige companies and we produce high quality custom made components for different top valued business areas.
Our products are made of steel, stainless steels, special alloys and titanium and are mostly used for the production of special and structured machines.


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Our mission is beyond efficiency: it’s full customer satisfaction. Producing top quality components, even in small quantities especially when made for very special final products, requires quick reaction and fast deliveries. We have a particular eye for all production processes, starting from mould design up to the most demanding mechanical machining.
Our company works with strict quality controls and international certifications, carefully following our customers specific requests.


Stampaggio a caldo acciai
We work in partnership with our customers in order to reach product excellence through technological innovation able to satisfy the specific needs of different market areas. Truly cooperating with customers means finalising substantial price savings and real advantages by keeping at the same time the highest quality standards. We are naturally born problem solvers, always keen on understanding and satisfying our international customer requirements.

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We are Specialists in hot forging of steels. We provide the best technical solution ....
ABS Certification
Download ABS certification valid for steel forging components for marine applications
Certification ISO 9001:2015
Our three generations of technical experience leads us towards the greatest...
Certification ISO 9100:2018
We are proud to announce that OMR is now certified EN 9100:2018 / UNI EN 9100:2018 aerospace industry...