By hot steel forging the natural characteristics of metals change, allowing a better fitting of final product shapes and obtaining a higher resistance to tensile strengths and breaking loads required by specific end uses. The hot forging process grants higher quality products compared to any other casting process. In several market areas, where safety is fundamental, only hot forged components are the standard.

Our production lines are diversified and range from 1600 up to 3000 tonnes, innovation is guaranteed by automatic process controls and by three generation experienced technicians.
Production capacity is flexible, ranging from small quantities to big volumes, with guaranteed fast and efficient deliveries: OMR is a modern and reliable company, customer satisfaction oriented.


DSCN0283By producing components that usually range from 1 to 30 kilos we exclusively use materials of certified European origin. We are specialized in working several types of steel, inox steel, special alloys and titanium. When working other materials we always join forces with trusted partners, able to guarantee the same level of quality and service that features OMR production and always under our direct monitoring.


progettazioneOMR has an efficient internal team of skilled technicians who can develop 3D prototypes and highly complex designs, making sample orders and small production lots upon customer requests. Our company also works for high tech market areas from the mould projects to the finished products.


lavorazione-e-trattamentiFollowing our customers specifications, a substantial part of our production consists of items that need further treatments and special machining. For this reason we only work with certified and reliable partners through all the special finishing processes, supplying small or big production lots.


qualitaOur three generations of technical experience leads us towards the greatest attention to our customer needs that we live as ours, by doing all necessary strict controls on materials in all production phases, thermal treatments and special machining details. Upon request we provide reports and tests certified by independent labs.